Android Q vs. iOS 13:Who has the bigger edge in technological and innovative ideas?

In the market, competition is very high. If we show all competitions and debates of the world is and, android is getting the top list because they both have a new technology of trends.

Both are competitors of each other. They both have a personal OS. Android OS is developed by Google and iOS OS is developed by Apple. Every year, both are launching something new that's why people are getting confused about which one is best to choose. These both have some equal features, but both have some different facilities with their OS.

Android Q Features:

Screen Recording:

Android has a new feature that is working with the video player, and it can record audio sound. Through this, you can capture the screen to speak it is a functionality of android.

Smart Lock

Android has the best facility of the smart lock. In an Android device, we can put a lock with voice, face, finger or other inbuilt locks like pattern lock, etc. Android has a lot of apps that are applying for the smart lock by installing this app. Through this app, we can put a lock on a mobile application that has private data.

Sharing Shortcuts

Android has the most amazing feature is sharing. Because we know that sharing is caring. Through sharing, we can share the media. We can access the other person's screen and work with these. These sharing target it would remain all things until it was uninstalled.

IOS 13 new features

Photos app

With the introduction of iOS 13, it is the best feature in the iPhone that has the best photo and video editing tools. These tools are intelligent and, it is using through browsers. IOS 13 through we can edit in photos like crop, rotate, filtering, its features are available.

Apple option for sign in

Apple device user has an apple id because iOS give a facility to sign in into application and website. It is a secure and great feature for data safety with this account.

Data limit of location

IOS is introducing for limiting the data which is shared with the application. You have to give apps to access view your location for one time and the rest of the time. Apple gives you a notification that which app is using your data's location.  

Some features are same

Android and iOS have some features that are the same as a dark theme, privacy. It means that both OS has a dark theme and privacy is the best feature in both because both have different privacy as per their requirements. Both have a different user that's why both are working as per their and fulfill the requirements.

Bottom of Lines

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