Here Is A Method That Is Helping iOS Development for Swift Developer

The development team at Rethinksoft has been playing with and using Swift in OS projects since its 1.0 introduction in September 2014. Although the bulk of our current projects remain in Objective C due to SWIFT's relative youth, since its arrival in September 2015, we began coding new projects in Swift. Be aware that most of the work we do with Swift is in January 2016 for iOS applications.

Swift adds language features that save, speed, reliability, and predictability for developers ' code compared with Objective-C. Below are some of the Swift tips that we have learned in this new language throughout our experiences. We also helped us to system faster while helping developers who learn Objective C to acclimatize Swift. We have provided tips on different backgrounds and Swift experience. Go to and enjoy the section.

Waterfall Method

The method is flowing, as is the cascade, from one step to the next, and each stage has to be finished at one degree before progressing to the next. The process is downstream, and a reversal is usually costly and requires rework in the iOS app development process.

The important thing is that the processes are well-defined, planning is always a step ahead, and tight monitoring and control are still available. The phases vary from concept, preparation, allocation of personnel, costs, most considerable estimation, criteria list, feasibility study, construction, coding, reviewing, installation, and maintenance.

For example, releases will run in parallel, but every thread has its set path through several stages just above. If required, each process may be broken down further in sub-phases, or certain phrases might be merged. It is, therefore, a statistical method of planning.

This model is typically hierarchical, with high levels of data, traceability, communication channels, and in-depth knowledge. The drawbacks are the inflexibility to accommodate and handle these dynamic changes. It is rigid and results in slower growth.

Agile Method

As the name implies, this comes from the lean development process for the iOS application. Not at the very outset of all preparations, it is performed in interconnected phases. The iterative model allows a POC to develop into a complete proof based on knowledge each time.

The program also provides more natural support for fast living and progressive approaches. As the current business conditions have evolved dynamically, agile is more cost-effective and scalable. Sharp variations include Kanban, Scrum, adaptive planning, programming extremes, and feature-based design.

Agile leads to a partnership with the mire team, higher participation rates as each person has a voice in the product changes. It also responds more directly to your customer feedback and improvements. It is more transparent to develop.

The lack of proper and detailed documentation will lead, however, sometimes to disruptions from the desired behavior. It depends heavily on the competencies and hence on the risk of the respective teams. Too much complexity can sometimes hinder progress, and it can be quickly removed if it is not closely monitored or if all parties have opposing buy-ins. Too much communication between team members can reduce efficiency and add to the confusion in some cases.

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