How React Native is the Best Cross-platform Framework in 2020

The cross-platform app development framework allows the developer to develop mobile applications. It will run anywhere for other platforms too, thereby enabling to release the product or any software with better and faster quality. The cross-platform framework is using to generate an application covering several end devices during programming and creating process. Cross-platform has many benefits to use it and how it will use given here.

Benefits of Cross-platform

Code Reusability

If we can again develop the hybrid application, then we can use the code again and, it can take half time as compare as native development.


It can reduce the cost because through these we can use one code multiple times, so it needs to develop code again and again. 

Easy Hosting

It is easy to host any app and after fulfilling all requirements. So, it is chosen by most developers, and it is easy to access for some developer which are interesting in these.

Shorter Time to Market

This type of application gives high market reach because it can offer a shorter time. These apps are available on multiple platforms at the same time, and use to save marketing efforts.

Why React Native is best?

When we are talking about frameworks then react native is the best platform to choose. It is built in JavaScript, and it is using to write real code, and it is the native feel like a mobile application that is working on both android and is.

It is not only for developing, but all are can trust in react native because it is the right platform to work and give the best output from these. React native is the best to use because this developer can work with objective-c, Java language, etc. Native modules and libraries in these. React native platforms have a heavy operation to use in image editing, video processing or some operation, but it is not part of framework APIs.

Advantages of React Native

Open-source platform: React native is a good and open-source platform the same as the ionic. Because, of this, it has support to improve any kind of bugs and introduce the features.

Code reducing: One of the best advantages of react native is that we can use any code again. It has no required to develop the same code on a different platform. Use the same code on a different platform.  

Time-saving: Through one-time coding, we can save time and allowing the same code in different applications.

Use Third-party: React native is highly compatible with a third party and plugins like google maps.

Best Environment: React native is a highly responsive interface with the best environment. It is using to deliver interface to the applications. React native is the right platform to choose it will work properly and give the best idea to choose a platform for developing applications. This framework is originally developed for is a mobile app. It can cut down the cost and time.


React native is a smart decision for a developer, and they can develop smart applications with these. They can give an update on the app after launching these it depends on the framework. Other frameworks are also working like a react native, but react native is better than others.