Top Android Application Development Trends for 2020

Continued Android Instant Downloads

For Google Play Instant, Android users can tap the installation process to try out an app or game. Because instant apps do not allow users to download applications, they are user-friendly as a website and run directly from the cloud. Such devices don't take up extra space on your mobile device.

Such devices remove unwanted mobile data clutter. Google recently launched several new features for developers of Android apps to make it easier to build smaller apps that update quicker, enabling potential users to try a new app without downloading it. Android's new publishing device model, the Android App Pack, is a step towards quickly providing a Google Play Instant experience. Android Instant applications will see further development in 2019.

Android Apps Architecture

Google's architecture guidelines identify best practices in designing an Android app and suggest high-performance, stable software architecture. Android architecture components are a good starting point for creating stable applications. Using Architecture components, developers can create fewer boilerplate code apps and concentrate more on the code that makes the device unique. Android app design can help Android developer community create stable apps and remove uncertainty about Android idle trends like MVC, MVP, or MVVM.

Emerging Technology and Android

The emphasis is now on making Google smarter and using AI in all areas, from self-driving cars to smartphones. Google's AI-focused approach is now rising the scope of artificial intelligence and mobile app learning. Every day, assistants gain popularity. Many assistants are included in Chatbots software.

Google has already taken steps in the direction by launching "Actions" and "Slices" at Google I / O, allowing users to integrate directly into the system with Assistant. Google wants people to spend more time on specific platforms— like Google Lens, a visual search tool designed to scan the world through your camera seamlessly.

Android app growth is taking the next leap with AR / VR integrating with AI by incorporating developments in immersive technology, including its Visual Positioning Service (VPS). This is among the new AR technologies to recognize and simulate visual features in the user environment.

Easy payment mode

Android's more downloaded than iOS. Nonetheless, iOS still leads the way in sales. Google is trying to close the revenue gap by offering an innovative way for emerging-market consumers to pay for apps: cash. It launched "pending transactions" to enable users to pay without a credit card or other conventional online payment.

Credit card non-availability is a significant reason why consumers in emerging markets prefer free-to-play and ad-supported games and applications rather than paid downloads and in-app purchases. To meet those users who rely more on cash, Google now rolls out another payment option.