Why all Android apps are
changing their design and UI

The competition difference between iOS and Android has been shown to rise in a research analysis. The leading player on the mobile application market is Android devices. Apple's flat design style has been very popular in recent years, but designers should be informed and learned about the Material Interface-led Android App UI design.

I assume that you're among those lucky app startups whose business is growing, if you're looking for ways to convert your Android application to iOS or otherwise. Am I correct? Am I correct? It was a good strategy in time and money to begin the project with one board. Instagram was one of the popular applications for Apple users these days.

The software checked features, templates and even its concepts. First, the app concept was finalized on the basis of thousands of downloads and received positive feedback. And only then, the team of Instagram decided to convert the iOS application to Android.

What is Material Design?

On the other hand, Material Design, created by Google, is an Android design language that supports natural movements in onscreen contact experiences. This approach allows programmers to maximize user experience with 3D effects (shadows, gradients, etc), effective use of lighting and animation capabilities in Android graphical interfaces that are compliant with platforms.

As the design library is refined over time, materials design is now easier to implement steadily, reducing the dependency of third parties ' components. The foundation for a beautiful functional app is material design.

Analyze app idea

Drawing never begins with design process. In fact, the idea you bring to developers is the most important thing. Their designers continue with analysis such as market research or potential users to gain success. Our employees usually work with customers at this stage until they get a clear idea of the end result and the expectations of the customer. Someone would probably agree that, at last, it's not the right thing to pay more for a renovation.

Create visual design (UI)

The designers will begin creating drawings after the concept is ready and tested. They operate a visual part of an app with icons, splash screens and interface elements (tabs, buttons, etc.). In addition, branding is important here. So it should be produced if you don't have a single logo or symbol.

Sometimes visual design can take up a lot of time. Also, the nature of the job depends on many factors, such as a number of screens, the quantity of specially built components. Clear consumer expectations or explanations can speed up this research.


Prototyping or user experience (UX) design is the next stage. In this step, our proposals are organized throughout order to give customers who will use the product a pleasant experience. Our UX department guarantees that the interface moves from one stage to the next naturally, so that users don't even notice.

Relief and iteration of app prototypes can take more time than is expected to create the best user experience. However, a thorough prototyping saves your budget. Is that meaningful? Actually, that's it.

You reduce the probability that your budget will be exceeded with prototyping. This is because the team has all the structure needed to start working on the features by prototyping when the project enters the development phase.

Images and videos of motion apps

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